Thrive Architect is Here!

By harveymagic64 / August 29, 2017

Create STUNNING Word Press Pages and Posts with Thrive Architect!

I need to tell you about a new thing that's only just being released​.

If you use WordPress for your websites, you owe it to yourself to see this.
It's a "visual editor" plugin. And to be honest, I've come cross quite a few plugins like that, lately. But this one surprised me.

It's  more visual than any other editor I've ever seen.
Think of it like this: instead of messing around in an editor, with short codes and stuff like that, you edit the page exactly as it looks like on the front end.

See it in action, here:

It's really the simplest and most straight-forward way to build WordPress pages and layouts, that I've ever seen.

Plus, there's a limited time offer running right now, so don't put this off or you'll miss out.

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